It was after a wonderful Sunday afternoon that a little girl decided to push her way into the world. Little did she that she had chosen the most inconvenient time to take her first breath, for when she first showed the signs that her arrival was due it was midnight.

Panic! Ecstasy! What to do with the other child? That she didn’t know but what happened at the hospital just after 02:04am would determine her name…

The baby had come out all bouncy and healthy and the parents were happy, but there was still a bit of a commotion in the room. So, as the mother was asking her husband to call the family and inform them of the new arrival, the nurse was asking what the name of the child would be… Please note that these were the times when mobile telephones did not exist. The father filled in his pocket for some change and the mother shouted that he should hurry up… So he said:

“I don’t have a coin!” Which is what the nurse heard and what was penned.

None of the parents weren’t too happy about this but it grew on them…

– Ava

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