Flawed Tears

Flawed TearsMen lost their souls in serenades,

Glanced as we,

Who believed in eternity,

Travel the route to infinity.

We discarded thorny trees,

Watched chosen doves grace the heavens.

We pealed sweat up our sleeves,

Slumbered heavily on snares;

We believed more in heaven’s padlocks,

Than keys we possessed for our households.

The onus of truth lied behind closed doors,

They remained unshaken,

Reminded us of prayers we recited every night.

When hell visited,

Shared birth with the innocent;

We had to be baptised again.

We succumbed to the word,

Tagged verses on every chest,

Gained access to their faith;

We stayed on the highest mountains,

Gathered galaxies into prayer,

We brought hell before the temple,

Knelt as one for salvation,

We embarked on the journey of Christ,

We were Christ-like.

When hell broke loose,

Voices in my head sounded louder in their echoes than in the wind,

My onset certainty wasn’t in the mumbling,



But the flaws in the literacy to understand;

We parted ways,

Death flooded out,

Vineyards ripened,

Our mothers wept not,

Foes laughed not,

Men sang not,

Serenity smitten,

Reverends fixed on their collars,

We engaged to the clouds.


Ashes to ashes,

Dust to dust,

Heaven unlocked,

Padlocks cast to hell;

Our tears were flawed,

For we not all in heaven.

– Ts Mashile (2015)

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He is known as Tlhookomelo Mashile,grew up in a family of 6 in a township based in Mpumalanga called Leroro. He started writing at age 11. He is now a full-time poetry performer/writer,and he is Studying Law with UNISA. Contact Details are as follows, Cell: 0712747486 Facebook: www.facebook.com/survymash Blog: www.survymash.blogspot.com Twitter: @sury_mash Email: tlhokza@gmail.com

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