Lead Me Into The Night

Her:  Ok, so like I don’t know the words to that song! I just rhubarb-and-watermeloned my way through it just so I can talk to you.
Him:  Really? Me too.

Her:  What? That’s so weird, hey. Who would’ve thought!
Him:  Yeah.

Her:  So what happens now?
Him:  I guess we can go sit outside and chat, swap numbers, that kinda thing. What can I get you to drink?

Her:  Vodka tonic, double.
Him:  Serious?

Her: Ok, make it a beer then.
Him:  Cool, anyway, I’m [HIM].

Her:  Nice to meet you. I’m [HER].
Him:  Cool. My number’s [-].

Her:  Great! How do you spell your name?
Him:  [H-I-M], what’s yours?

Her:  [-] Aw man! Fuck! My battery just died.
Him:  Cool, gonna buzz you now.

Her:  What? Don’t you believe me?
Him:  Dude, it says “the number you have dialled is not available”

Her:  That’s because my battery died, when I saved your number.
Him:  Yo, if you’re gonna blow me off, just be straight about it. Don’t give me some stupid number.

Her:  For crying out loud! My battery died, see.
Him:  Ow! Why’d you slap me for?!

Her:  You idiot! Do you seriously think I’d dance and sing my way through a Black Eyed Peas song just to give you a wrong number?
Him:  Yes!

Her:  Whatever. You can keep the beer.
Him:  Ok, wait. Let’s try it this way.

Her:  What now?
Him:  Can I kiss you already?




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