Attention to detail is an essential skill in the proofreading process. From end to end, we will check spelling, grammar, punctuation and typos, ensuring a flawless flow of words


An inconsistent paragraph can cost you a lot. We will edit your documents, ensuring that the content, structure, language, usage, style of writing and clear expression is up to par.


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Planning an event can be overwhelming, so our aim is to simplify the whole process so that you enjoy it. We provide a service that includes everything from designing to printing.

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Bliip Media collaborated with performance artist Q2K for a blood inspired photo-shoot revolving around the themes of love, betrayal and vengeance. The imagery alone was not enough to illustrate the narrative, so we decided to find a writer to advise on the best type of writing. We approached COINAGE to recommend a writer as the best fit for the concept. We settled with and were honoured to have worked with Raphael d’Abdon; he was highly professional with his approach and punctual with his delivery. COINAGE communication with us during the commission was seamless, we are grateful for the service they delivered. We highly recommend COINAGE to anyone looking for a writer for their respective project.

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